Our Rates


0– 3lb   – BDS $36.00 FLAT RATE
4– 40lb – BDS $8.00 per lb + Additional costs below
41 & UP – BDS $6.00 per lb + Additional costs below

Additional cost:
*Insurance:        Calculated at BDS $ 3.00 on every US 100.00 value of the item or part thereof.
*Broker Fees:     BDS $15.00 applied to Personal packages which attract Customs Duty &Taxes.
*Broker Fees:     BDS $25.00 applied to Commercial packages which attract Customs Duty & Taxes.
*Handling Fees: $10.00 – Personal package(s)
*Handling Fees: $25.00 – Commercial package(s)

Postal Address for delivery of packages:
7950 NW 77 ST # C4
Tel: (305) 863-1818

To ensure speedy clearance and delivery of your packages, kindly forward copies of the invoice(s) from your online purchases to: invoice@cargosolutionsbgi.com.

NB: All items imported into Barbados are subject to the payment of Custom Duty & VAT and the waiver of these taxes is controlled solely by The Customs Department.

Packages not collected after seven (7) days of notification are subject to Bds $3.00 per day storage fee.

Cargo Solution International reserves the right to auction packages remaining at our offices after thirty (30) days of notification.

Prohibited items via our Air Service
Fireworks: Signal Flares, Sparklers or other Explosives, Shock absorbers
Flammable Liquids or Solids: Fuel, Paints, Lighter Refills, Matches, Perfumes
Household Items: Drain Cleaners and Solvents
Pressurized Containers: Spray cans, Butane Fuel, Scuba Tanks, CO2 Cartridges
Weapons: Firearms, Ammunition, Gunpowder, Mace, Teargas or Pepper Spray

TEL: (246) 228-4277
FAX: (246) 431-0754